Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle-2018 Reviews

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Best airsoft sniper rifle

There is a criteria that the best Airsoft Sniper Rifle has to meet and we have reviewed only the best in the market at the moment.

Airsoft rifles have become popular over the years because of their pinpoint accuracy when it comes to shootings. A rifle should be reflective of your personality and a good sniper rifle can just be the statement that you need to make on the battlefield.

Money can get you just any Airsoft rifle you desire but it will take a lot more if you want to be competitive and ruthless with your shooting. We have reviewed a couple of high-quality products and we can say with certainty that each has the quality of the best Airsoft sniper rifle that is currently available in the market today.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

  • Best Recommendation
  • UTG AccuShot Sniper Rifle
  • Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • FPS:450
  • Weight:11.7 lbs
  • Highly Recommended
  • Game Face Airsoft Rifle
    Mod et verteren usu.
  • FPS:400
  • Weight:6 lbs
  • Recommended
  • BBTac BT59 Sniper Rifle
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • FPS:400
  • Weight: 11 lbs
  • Recommended
  • UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Rifle
    Mod et verteren usu.
  • FPS:400
  • Weight:6 lbs
  • Recommended
  • BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle 500
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • FPS:500
  • Weight:10.1 lbs

1. UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle

This is one of the best Airsoft Sniper rifle and has been used in a lot of Hollywood movies. The accuracy is unrivaled and is a great asset when you are playing the role of a sniper in your team.

The packages come with extra magazines and a steady bipod which is convenient especially in field situations when you need extra firepower.

Some people might not like the fact that this rifle does not come with a scope. To rifles enthusiasts, this shouldn’t be much of a problem as they prefer aftermarket optics customization.

The UTG AccuShot gun has Picatinny rails which means that most kind of scopes can fit even those used with real rifles although you will have to pay extra to get such.

The rifle has a speed range of 450FPS which makes it one of the best when it comes to the distance it can cover. Coming up short is totally eliminated as the rifle has a 200 feet effective range.

With this rifle, you don’t have to worry about the winter period as it was designed with the cold season in mind. There is an oversize bolt design which is meant to be used with gloves on.

You can load the magazines on the fly and they come with a spring assist for fast action switching. Other than the fact that you will have to buy the scope for the unit, this rifle comes highly recommended and it is one of the best in its class.

Best airsoft sniper rife

2. Game Face GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle

If you fancy a sniper rifle with a metal barrel then the Game Face GF 529 is perfect for you. Metal barrels have an edge over plastic ones as they greatly increase the degree of accuracy and also the shooting range.

The rifle is compact which makes it easy to carry around which can be convenient in battleground situations. The shorter barrel means you have to really get closer to the target to improve accuracy.

This Airsoft rifle is great for those who are just starting out and want to experiment with real action. One of the biggest selling points of game Face rifle is you get an easy to load magazine which holds 29 rounds of ammunition.

Some users may not be comfortable with the fact that you have to buy the scope and optic separately. It can also be a blessing in disguise as you get to customize your rifle from the ground up.

The fact that it is a carbine barrel makes maneuverability in the field smooth which would have been cumbersome and daunting with other kinds of rifles.

best airsoft sniper rifle

3.BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This is another rifle that excels in cold conditions. There are those guns/rifles that can disappoint you during the winter season when it comes to shooting.

It comes from the AWP line of rifles which stands for Arctic Warfare Police and are specifically tailored for cold weather.

This one of the few rifles that comes with the bipod and 3x scope included in the box so that you don’t have to spend extra on accessories. The scope may not be as good as an aftermarket unit but still does a good job as far as accuracy is concerned.

The only downside to this Airsoft rifle is that the barrel is made from soft touch plastic which may affect the accuracy and range of the shooting.

You can use it straight of the box with no assembly required. It is highly recommended that you test the scope before trying to shoot. Overall, It is one of the best Airsoft sniper rifle that is if you don’t mind the plastic body. You also don’t need gas or battery to operate the sniper rifle.

Best airsoft sniper rifle

4.UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle, Black

This another sniper rifle that is common in movies and music videos. It comes with bipod which is meant to firmly support the barrel when you are taking those long range shots.

You will need to buy a scoop to be mounted on top of the rail for better accuracy and improved shooting range. The availability of the picannity range means you can use scopes that are meant for real guns/rifles.

You can also adjust the Airsoft Sniper rifle to your preference because there is a custom buttstock insert. This is also beneficial in improving the overall view and comfort of the Airsoft rifle. The price is fairly inexpensive which makes one of the best Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

best airsoft sniper rifle

5.BBTac Airsoft Sniper Rifle 500 FPS BT-96 Full Metal Bolt Action AWP with 3x Scope Package

This is another great Airsoft sniper rifle from BBTac. The fact that it is full metal makes it of the best Airsoft sniper rifle. There is improved accuracy and range as a result and it feels like a real sniper rifle used by the military.

It is a versatile unit and can either be used as a primary or secondary weapon depending on the circumstances in the battle field. The one piece design makes for a comfortable unit which can easily be carried around in the field.

The precision barrel is all about delivering accuracy while maintaining stability when shooting. The removable full metal Bipod means you can use the weapon for close range shots without necessarily having to mount it down.

If you are a serious shooter then the unit scope is ready and you can go at it right away. This rifle is even used by law enforcers because of the accuracy and it is also convenient to carry around.

The magnification and field view is class competitive which is often a deal breaker in the field.

best airsoft sniper rifle

6.Well mb08d l96 spring Airsoft gun metal sniper

The well mb08d is made from metal which gives it a more realistic feel and is always advantageous when it comes to accuracy.

It features a spring powered metal bolt action which is rare in its class. It is one of the best Airsoft sniper rifle when it comes to single shots.

The well-integrated rail system means you can include additional accessories to improve the functionality of your Airsoft rifle

It has an adjustable folding stock which makes for a realistic feel of the gun and decent weight.

One of the selling points is the fact that it comes with an adjustable scope and a foldable bipod which comes in handy when you are in the field.

best airsoft sniper rifle

7. Soft Air Famas F1 Automatic Airsoft Gun

This unit has received stellar reviews on most e-commerce platforms and it has everything to do with the quality and efficiency.

The high capacity magazine is able to manage 750-850 rounds per minute which you will not get in many Airsoft rifles.

There is an efficient footprint which is necessary for close combat and easy maneuvers in the battlefield.

The adjustable bipod makes it easier for target ranges for more accurate shots. The rifle is electric-powered which might be a deal breaker for some users.

It comes with an adjustable BAX shooting system with a full-metal barrel assembly. The FAMAS is very powerful and you should avoid shooting close range unless the target is fully armored.

It might take a little while before you master the bullpup design but everything is a breeze after that. If you have a budget for under $300 and looking for a powerful unit, this is one of the best Airsoft sniper rifle you can pick. The feeding is smooth and you kind of get used to it once you start using it.

best airsoft sniper rifle

8. Wellfire aps sr-2 modular full metal bolt action sniper rifle

This yet another Airsoft Sniper rifle from Wellfire and you can get at under 150 bucks. It is a popular unit because of the metal construction which makes the majority of the rifle. The weight is within range and has a realistic feel to it.

It is also convenient for carrying around which makes ideal for use as a primary weapon in close combat situations even though it is a sniper rifle. The 470FPS means you get a decent range of shooting and the collapsible stock helps in improving accuracy.

The only downside to this product is that there are no sights included which should not be a determinant given the price of the unit.

Having your own accessories will give you more power in terms of functionality and customization. Overall, it is a decent Airsoft rifle and the price tag is just unbeatable.

best airsoft sniper rifle

9.BBTac MB06 SR-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This unit looks like a real rifle and can be used in music videos, movies or any situation that would need realism with firearms.

For just a little over 100 bucks, you get a bipod and a scope which provides excellent accuracy and dynamic shooting range. This just perfect given the price tag and you don’t have to spend on additional accessories to get the best out of the unit.

Gamers will enjoy using the Airsoft sniper rifle as it is heavily used or included in most shooter video games like counter strike.

Some of the advantages of this Airsoft Rifle Include:

·         Bipod Included

·         scope Included

·         Most parts are Metal

The only major disadvantage is that there is no focus on the scope even though it zooms which can make hitting the target difficult. It is highly recommended you use heavy plastic BB in order to get the best out of this rifle.

Best airsoft sniper rifle

10.Black Ops Power/ Gas Piston Sniper Air Rifle .177 Ammo Scope Included

The Black Ops is a great Airsoft sniper rifle if you are looking at a unit with a long life span. It is powered by piston technology which makes it more durable compared to old models.

You get maximum accuracy even with long-range shots as it can handle up to 250FPS with premium .177 pellets.

The adjustable cheek rest and Picatinny rail make for versatile customization as you can add different optics and accessories.

The 4×3 adjustable scope and an adjustable bipod ensures precision in target accuracy. There is 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects and workmanship which is rare among products in this vertical.

The unit is well constructed and feels solid in the hand. It also comes with great storage in the clip compartment which is ideal for storing Allen wrenches.

The accessories might not be the best in the market but this unit is one of the best Airsoft Sniper rifle you can get in the market today. You can always upgrade the accessories if you are not satisfied with the factory ones.

Best airsoft sniper rifle


The Different Types Of Airsoft  Rifles

There are 3 main kinds of Airsoft Rifles in the market currently. They are AEG rifles, Gas Blowback and Spring sniper rifles. Most of the rifles are spring blowbacks because they are cheaper and preferred by a lot of snipers.

Spring Sniper Rifles

These are the most common type of Airsoft Rifles. They are faster and inexpensive which is why they are more popular than the other 2 kinds of Airsoft rifles.

The learning curve for spring sniper rifles is a little bit steep since once has to familiarize with manual spring compressions. Enthusiasts will find themselves quite at home with these weapons.

AEG Rifles

This kind of Airsoft rifles is preferred by those who like close combat situations and are not as powerful as the spring or Blowback rifles. They are mostly used in small spaces which a longer range gun might not be ideal since the target is within close range.

Gas Blowback

This is for those who are just starting or have an experience with Airsoft rifles. They have significant power but may require a lot more when it comes to maintenance compared to the other 2 kinds of Airsoft Rifles. They are also louder than the other 2 which might be a deal breaker for some people.

Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Buying Guide

There are a couple of considerations you should have in mind when looking for the Best Airsoft sniper rifle. There is always the personal preference consideration but is not always enough.

Type of Airsoft Sniper Rifle

We have covered the 3 different kinds of Airsoft rifles available. If you are looking to use the rifle in close combat situations then the AEG is ideal. The spring action and Gas Blowback are recommended for long range shooting when playing sniper. The terrain could also play a big role in selecting the type of Airsoft rifle.

Barrel Length

This another important consideration when looking for the best Airsoft sniper rifle. There are rifles with shorter barrels(called carbine barrels) while there are those with longer barrels. The longer the barrel the higher the accuracy although you will have to compromise on mobility.

Carbine barrels are used in situations where you maneuverability is essential or when it is a small field of play.


A sniper rifle is all about the dynamic range and good one should be at least 350FPS to be considered effective. Anything that is higher than the muzzle velocity is highly recommended given the fact that a sniper uses .40 pellets for the sake of accuracy.


Good FPS is nothing without optics. The accuracy level can be greatly improved if you have high-quality optics in place.

Most factory scopes simply put are not enough to get the best out of the Airsoft rifle. Most rifles come with removable scopes and some even allow the use of scopes that are meant for real high-end rifles.

It is always important to dial the scope before going to the battlefield because you won’t be afforded a lot of time in a combat situation.

Powerful scopes might be the perfect choice but in most instances, you won’t be shooting from very far distances. Any scoop targeting 150-250 yards is enough to do the job.

You can always target practice a day before the main event to make sure you have dialled the rifle well and make it ready for battle field action.

Build Material

The build material is also important when looking for the best Airsoft sniper rifle. Generally all quality Airsoft rifles have metal barrels. It makes the rifle feel and look real.

The spring quality is also a factor in the build quality. A rifle with a strong spring facilitates the pushing out of the BB at even higher velocity.


The question you should be asking yourself is, What constitutes of good ammunition? The rule of the thumb is 6mm BB is the set standard. The weight will also have an influence on the reach of the ammunition. Heavier bullets tend to far than the light ones. Too heavy pellets will also reduce the distance of travel.


What is a good Airsoft sniper rifle without accessories? Some of the best Airsoft sniper rifles we have reviewed don’t come with accessories. This does not mean they are of lesser quality. On the contrary, It gives you an opportunity to build even a more powerful rifle given the right accessories.

The most important accessories are the bipod and the scope. There are also other accessories which may be important in the field of play. One accessory that is often overlooked is the sling. You don’t have to put down your firearm when you are not using it.

A good starting point for assessing the accessories you need is by first identifying what you have. You can then start replacing the accessories which you deem are not fit for your personal requirements.


Most of the Airsoft sniper rifles we have reviewed are quite affordable. There are those which are below the $100 mark and come packed with all the accessories you’d need. Some will require buying accessories but they are still within limits if you are conscious of your budget.


This review was meant to help you select the best Airsoft sniper rifle. We have covered almost all of the best giving you options in terms of choice and preference. We might not have covered everything but we believe the information we have provided is enough to make an informed decision.



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